California Catastrophe: 1.4 Million (At Least) Illegal Aliens Get Driving Permits
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Happy New Year! January 2015 is upon us, and legislators in the Once-Golden State have been busy in the past while, creating a host of bad laws, the worst of which being the issuance of driving permits for illegal aliens.

Naturally, the illegal alien invaders are thrilled to get their licenses starting now, so they can drive lawfully to their stolen American jobs what a state!

In fact, the Department of Motor Vehicles has been upgraded to accommodate the estimated 1.4 million foreign pests, including expanded hours to handle all the newbies.

Undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses in 2015, San Diego Channel 5, December 30, 2014

“I never get a ticket, I never been in an accident,” said [Maribel] Solache who admits to driving without a license to go to work and school.

For her getting a driver’s license means more than just being able to drive legally.

“I feel I will prove that I am not a criminal,” she said. “I consider myself an American.”

Isnt that touching? The illegal alien moocher gets a driving permit and thinks that makes her a citizen. Voting next, presumably.

This being Mexifornia, the aliens dont pay extra for the additional cost to the state of servicing lawbreaking foreigners. They will pay the standard $33 fee just like citizens, despite the estimated cost of $141 million for 900 additional workers and longer hours. The illegals would probably pay hundreds of dollars for a driving permit, given the value to them, but La Raza and the California legislature would rather put the screws to the law-abiding citizens.

In 2013, Mexicans in Los Angeles held Spanish signs demanding driving licenses.

The number of illegals seems low and the cost estimate is based on 1.4 million foreigners being rubber-stamped through the system. Not that taxpayers will ever hear an accurate tally of how much they are being dinged to service foreign lawbreakers in our midst.

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