C-SPAN Devotes Three Hours to Immigration
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I happened to click on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal viewer call-in show yesterday (Wednesday, 1/3) and discovered the whole three hours was about immigration — it was an immersive experience.

The first hour was dedicated to calls from three categories of immigrants only — illegal aliens, those here for fewer than five years and residents here for longer than five years.

The sense of entitlement among callers was overwhelming, even from the illegals. Every immigrant and alien seemed to regard residence in the United States as their right, and they had plenty of excuses and rationalizations for that belief. A Dominican complained that immigrants have to work harder than citizens, even though that’s to be expected because families with long histories in the country have accumulated capital. Some of the other callers didn’t make amy sense at all with their beliefs and conspiracy theories. Or didn’t speak understandable English.

The complaints about the country were numerous, some with a spoken or unspoken observation that Americans were racist for not wanting open borders. I didn’t hear any concern for the future of the country — such as the environment and whether the US can supply water and food for endless population growth hitting unimaginable numbers in the future.

The next segment was an interview with Wall Street Journal journalist Laura Meckler [Email her]who presumably was supposed to be the objective voice, although not so much.

The advocates segment at least had Dan Stein of FAIR, who is a good debater and explainer versus the director of AILA, the evil immigration lawyers association.

The final segment was an open phones piece asking the question, “What are your immigration priorities for 2018?” It had the common C-SPAN symptom of very dumb comments and really intelligent calls. Discussing immigration diversity can be so tiring.

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