C.I.S. BEGS Romney: Sink The Immigration Sword Into Rick Perry!
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I see the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), following Mark Krikorian’s NRO example, has published a caustic evaluation of Rick Perry’s immigration record hopefully entitled Will Romney Play the Illegal Immigration Card against Perry? By Ronald W. Mortensen August 31, 2011

 "Could immigration be the ace in the hole Romney needs to defeat Perry? A look at their records would appear to give Romney a huge edge if he chooses to make illegal immigration a key issue; however, as a Mormon, Romney would have to go against his Church's recently voiced support for illegal aliens."

 This essay is a careful comparison of the two men’s records, very much to Perry’s detriment. It concludes

 "Romney can legitimately portray Perry as a politician who turns his back on American children who are victims of illegal alien identity theft in order to protect illegal aliens, who is comfortable with using taxpayer funds to subsidize the college education of illegal aliens who cannot legally work in the United States once they graduate, and who encourages ever more illegal immigration by refusing to support the enforcement of laws, opposing the use of E-Verify and supporting the issuance of work permits for illegal aliens already in the United States.

Perry is vulnerable. Romney has a strong record. But will Romney aggressively go after Perry on illegal immigration or will he temper his attacks in order to comply with the Mormon Church…?"

What Mortensen (who is a Mormon himself) does not say is that the issue also gives Romney the opportunity to demonstrate that he is not in thrall to his Church, which it cannot be denied many potential supporters find rather odd.

Of course it is a chilling insight into the power of the Treason Lobby in its various forms over the GOP Establishment that the popular forces which twice defeated the Bush Amnesty effort go unsummoned, and this lethal weapon goes ungrasped - even with such a prize!.

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