But Steve, They Think VDARE.com Is A Hate Crime!
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I do not agree with my brilliant colleague Steve Sailer’s opinion in his blog Thinking about Hate Crimes
My view is that motivation for a crime should matter some in punishing the crime.
The State has absolutely no business evaluating and policing opinion and must not be allowed to get into that business.

As Paul Craig Roberts conclusively demonstrated at the time the 2009 Hate Crime Legislation was being rammed through, there is a very strong tradition in this country of statutes being commandeered and hugely expanded by zealots embedded in the governmental structure. With the increasing influence in America of communities utterly bereft of the Anglo-Saxon traditions of free speech and political tolerance, as Kevin Macdonald has documented, there is an extreme danger of such mechanisms being seized to facilitate their agenda of repression. Attorney General Holder, we must never forget, was stupid enough to assert in the hearings that normal white Americans were not to be protected by his bill.

The ”Hate Crime” stratagem is ultimately intended to enable state persecution of opinion - and the first victims will be allies and friends of VDARE.com

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