Bush II Welcomes New U.S. Citizens (Voters) With Guestworker (Amnesty) Speech
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After a week long recess, the Senate resumes debate today on immigration reform in the Judiciary Committee. (I will be blogging throughout the day with progress reports...or futility reports as it were.)

Living on the west coast, I had to get up extra early to watch the live coverage on C-SPAN so forgive me if I am unusually cranky...I've had so much coffee at this point that I can't blink.

Come to think of it, I'm always cranky, so nevermind.

Not surprisingly, I found Bush II conducting his own immigration sermon live on nearly every channel so I paused to watch for a moment...and then I started to gag.

The President was not saying anything new—he stuck with his illegal immigrant love-fest stump speech—but he chose to deliver it at a naturalization ceremony for a gaggle of new voters...I mean citizens.

Full text (here).

It was so nauseating I just had to watch!

Remember when you went to the County Fair with your parents and each time a farm animal did something disgusting (by our standards, not theirs) you would point it out and then rush over to watch only to have your mother say something asinine like "if you don't stop staring you'll get a stye?" Yeah...and in spite of the potential consequence involving facial disfigurement, you went on staring?

That kind of "had to watch".

In his comments, the President said:

"America is a nation of immigrants, and we're also a nation of laws. All of you are here because you followed the rules and you waited your turn in the citizenship line."

Wow...he gets it...oh wait, no he doesn't.

"And so, to keep the promise of America, we must enforce the laws of America. We must also reform those laws."

Bryanna translation: Current law says you have to wait in line but a little reform will fix that pesky impediment.

Later on, the President gave a shout out to his chosen people—umm, that would be Mexicans—when he boasted this enforcement statistic:

"And since last summer, we've cut the number of non-Mexican illegal immigrants released in society by more than a third."

VDARE.com readers know the game: Mexican illegal aliens are not deported but everybody else is.

This is the ultimate Bush Betrayal for me, my friends:

President Bush is not discriminating against foreign nationals by desiging an immigration policy that so blatantly favors Mexicans—and yet I am somehow a racist or "anti-Mexican" when I cry "foul" and dare to demand change.

His closing remarks were sickly sweet in the most revolting way...careful, this is going to hurt a bit:

"When you came here this morning, I was the president of another country. Now I'm the president of your country."

I wonder if any of our citizens started to re-think their decision at that point...

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