A day without Americans - April 17, 2006!
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A day without Americans - April 17, 2006!

In response to the recent mass national rallies fearlessly staged by the illegal alien lobby, The Dustin Inman Society is suggesting that Americans nationwide stay home from work and not spend any money on April 17. 2006 - income tax day.

The country and its governmnet needs to witness a day without Americans.

It is not an overstatement to observe that the federal government has abandoned the American people and we teeter on the brink of national suicide.

The well-funded illegal alien lobby has been successful in galvanizing the millions of illegal aliens in the nation to march in American streets demanding no less than open borders, continued selective law enforcement and amnesty for people who should be in fear of apprehension and deportation.

It has also galvanized many Americans who are seeing for the first time the true nature and result of our intentionally unsecured borders.


The message to the U. S. government and the world is that another amnesty for illegals is tantamount to erasing any pretense of a nation of secure borders, rule of law and a common language. Amnesty - by any name - does not stop illegal immigration.

We have reached the point in our national history at which we as a nation must choose whether to resist …or to wave the white flag of surrender.

We are suggesting that Americans who do not work in medical, law enforcement or emergency capacities stay home from work on April 17 and that we, as a united people, reply to the government that has refused to protect us by refraining from spending any money. Those who have nothing to fear from violating any law that is not beneficial to them are not the only group with power in these United States.

We are demanding that the American government offer the same protection in the United States that the Mexican government provides its people.

This is our country. We dishonor our grandfathers if we do not try to protect the republic that was lovingly passed on to us.

A national day of public opposition to illegal immigration April 17, 2006 !

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