Bury The Body On Diego Garcia
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The rumor is that the U.S. government will bury Osama bin Laden's body at sea to prevent it from becoming a shrine for terrorists (kind of like how Stalin had Hitler's body burned, then had the ashes mixed into concrete).

One word of advice: Don't.

Nobody will believe the story.

Bury the body on Diego Garcia, the U.S. base in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

P.S. Oh, well ... They didn't listen to me.

What's the deal here, anyways?

If it was all a fake, why fake it in the heart of the most sophisticated town in Pakistan, with people with Twitter accounts around? Why cause a massive diplomatic crisis by implying that the Pakistani inner circle was hiding bin Laden? Why not stage a fake somewhere up in the mountains?

If it's for real, why bury the body at sea when Diego Garcia is completely owned by the U.S. military? Then, if too many questions get asked, the U.S. could produce the body at a later time.

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