Breaking News: Pakistan's Deep State SCAMMED Uncle Sam
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The news of where Osama bin Laden was living for, probably, the last six years should be shocking: in northeast Abbottabad, the Pakistani national security echelons' most secure neighborhood, right next to the Pakistan Military Academy. It's as if Osama built a big compound in Annapolis, a few blocks from the Naval Academy, or in Langley, VA, just down the street from CIA headquarters. In this map, "B" is Osama's compound while "A" is the front gate of the Pakistan Military Academy. There's a distance scale in the lower left corner.

Abbottabad isn't some dirt village near the Khyber Pass. Wikipedia's article on the town says, "The city is well-known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high standard educational institutions and military establishments."

They knew.

Pakistan's Deep State had to know. You can't run a compound of that size in Pakistan without a bunch of gossipy servants.

The most likely conclusion is that the Pakistani Deep State was hiding Osama from us, while collecting billions to claim to help hunt for him in the anarchic Northwest Territories. They were sheltering Osama, probably because he was their meal ticket for billions from Uncle Sucker to search for him.

This is a crime against America of historic proportions. How many Americans have died hunting for Osama in the far-off mountains while he was being hosted in comfort in Pakistan's inner circle?

At minimum, can we stop paying off Pakistan's Deep State and go home from Afghanistan now?

P.S. It may also be relevant that there are two hospitals a few hundred yards to the west of Bin Laden's home. As a commenter pointed out, if his kidney disease was as bad as reported in 2001, he may have needed dialysis. In turn, that may suggest an explanation for the bizarre reports that the U.S. military "buried his body at sea" — to prevent an autopsy from showing that he needed sophisticated dialysis to stay alive. (I will admit that trying to explain the "burial at sea" is just speculation — I don't know what that was about.)

P.P.S. I explained the Mediterranean concept of the "Deep State" here.

P.P.P.S. I've got a bunch of posts below making this same point in different ways. I'm sorry about their being a little chaotic, but this analysis is breaking news.

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