Bucknell Professor Calls for Racial Separation—In Iraq
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William Gruver is a former Goldman Sachs manager now teaching at Bucknell. Recently, he called for a three-state solution in Iraq.[One solution to saving Iraq? Think about partitioning it: William Gruver, PennLive.com, June 20, 2014

I seem to recall that it was Leslie Gelb who called for that first, [NYT, November 2003] but why quibble over the source?

Sounds like a good idea, whoever proposes it.

Although promotion of ethnic partition is amusing, coming from Gruver, a professor at ultra-PC Bucknell, a Pennsylvania college for rich kids who couldn't hit Ivy. Almost as amusing as it is coming from Gelb, a Jewish New York Times writer-turned Council on Foreign Relations man who once worked for Jacob Javits.

Question for Gruver [Email him] and Gelb [Email him]: If ethnic partition works to keep the peace in Iraq, why not the United States? Or Europe?


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