Bryan Caplan's "Ultimate Incivility:" Keeping Ebola Guy Out of the U.S.
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The media’s go-to guy for moral advice on how to reorganize the world, economist Bryan Caplan, explains:
The Ultimate Incivility Bryan Caplan

… My two central maxims:

First, remain calm when someone questions people’s ideas or behavior. After all, maybe their ideas are false, and maybe their behavior is wrong.

Second, take offense when someone questions people’s presence or existence. When you complain about a person’s being around irrespective of their behavior, you go too far. … That is not cool.

The same goes, of course, for mainstream conversations about immigration.  Sure, people enumerate specific complaints about foreigners' ideas and behavior.  But the goal is not to change foreigners' minds or reform their behavior - hence near-universal apathy for keyhole solutions.The goal, rather, is to rationalize deportation and exclusion of foreigners, regardless of how they comport themselves.

An old adage urges us to "Hate the sin but love the sinner."  My standards of civility are much less demanding but follow the same format.  Getting rid of bad ideas and bad behavior is a worthy goal.  Trying to get rid of people themselves, however, is the ultimate incivility.

For example, the “ultimate incivility” would be for anyone to be so morally obscene as to to question Ebola Guy “being around” in America. Do you realize that there are subhuman vermin suggesting that maybe the government shouldn’t have let Ebola Guy into the U.S. from Liberia to vomit all over Dallas?

Fortunately, the Obama Administration includes many officials sympathetic to Professor Caplan’s superior moral standards. Commenter Jon noticed a comment at Gateway Pundit on how the federal government is coming closer and closer to Caplan’s recommended way of doing things:

Duncan is a 40-something, single, unemployed Liberian living in Ghana who applied sometime in the last year for a visa to visit his sister in the United States. It was reportedly his first time visiting this country.

That is six strikes against his application:



Liberian (5th highest overstay rate of any country in the world)

Living outside country of citizenship

First time traveler to the United States

Sister living in the United States.

Together, all these factors should have weighed very heavily against the issuance of a visitor’s visa to Duncan. He clearly appears unqualified.

Not to mention being from an Ebola zone and having Ebola …

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