Brownback Welcomes North Koreans
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Sen. Sam Brownback remains one of the most evil members of the Senate (no small feat), who works diligently to undermine the nation while convincing many that he is a man of morality and good works.

He appeared Monday on Fox News' Cavuto show (aka "Your World") displaying his cred as the top refugee importer. readers will remember Browback's particularly egregious hypocrisy as the promoter of importing thousands Somali refugees, but who had better political sense than to allow them to be resettled in his state of Kansas.

In other words, tribal refugees for thee but not for me.

Back to the Cavuto appearance, the segment subject was convincing China to discipline its junior client state regarding the recent nuclear business. China's major fear, as it happens, is millions of refugee North Koreans allowed to escape into the PRC.

Sen. Brownback volunteered on his own that the United States could accept some or all of the commie Koreans — thank you, Mr. Generous!

Interestingly, Sen. Brownback favors a very extensive program of admitting Axis-of-Evil immigrants from Communist Korea and Iran, as he recommended in an April press release.

Brownback continued, "I have encouraged President Bush to do more to help refugees from North Korea, and soon I hope to see escaped North Koreans admitted into the U.S. as refugees, as opposed to asylum seekers. Officially recognizing those who escape as refugees sends a strong message to the regime, and little else can achieve as much tangible progress toward improving the human rights of North Koreans."

Oh no, not the dread admission of refugees, terrifying to all dictators! Kim Jong-Il will surely surrender at the feet of the brave Sen. Brownback and his brilliant geo-politics.

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