Britain's Black Female Attorney General In Yugoslav-Tongan Illegal Immigrant Scandal
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Patricia Scotland, Baroness Scotland is Attorney General of Great Britain, an office that differs from the American office of Attorney General in ways that are extremely boring, and that you can look up on Wikipedia if you really want to. The interesting thing about her is that she's at the center of a scandal that involved first an illegal immigrant employee, and now questions about a lot of money that Parliament has been paying her in allowances, enough money that you would think she could afford to hire someone with a work permit.

"The peer, who is already under investigation for employing an illegal immigrant as her housekeeper, receives a £38,280-a-year "night subsistence allowance" widely understood to be for ministers whose primary home is outside London even though she owns a large house in the capital.

The controversy erupted amid further pressure over her former housekeeper, Loloahi Tapui- Zivancevic, a Tongan national who worked for her for six months despite being in the country illegally."

[Baroness Scotland faces new inquiry call over £170,000 London allowance, John Bingham and James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph, September 20, 2009]

I assume that Loloahi Tapui- Zivancevic is Mrs. Tapui- Zivancevic, and that Zivancevic is the name of her husband. That makes her a member of the undocumented Yugoslav-Tongan community, which is small enough that she probably knows all the others personally. Patricia Scotland is a member of the black female immigrant Peeress Attorney General community, which is even smaller. She's the first female Attorney General since 1315, when the office was established, and thus the first black female Attorney General ever.

Who would have thought that affirmative action, immigration,  and minority outreach would lead to a scandal of this kind?

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