Britain: Pakistanis Miffed at Polish Immigrants
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Here's an item for the rainbow kumbaya file, from rapidly diversifying Britain.

The local Pakistanis now residing in Yorkshire are decidedly unwelcoming to their new immigrant neighbors from Poland.

A clash of cultures between Asian and eastern European youths is leading to increasing tension and violence on Yorkshire's streets, it is claimed.

Some young Britons of Asian descent are now leading a campaign of intimidation against the new economic migrants from eastern Europe, whom they claim are taking their jobs. [...]

One Asian scholar at a Bradford mosque, who did not want to be named, said: "A lot of Polish people are coming into Bradford at the moment and unfortunately we're seeing Muslim boys breaking their windows. They're complaining that the Polish people are coming in and taking their jobs.

Funny how immigration looks different when you are the one on the losing end.

It's also interesting that politicians are willing to speak out against Polish immigrants, while they have been less courageous in the face of hostile Muslims who kill infidels at the drop of a turban.

Conservative MP for Shipley Philip Davies clarified that the problem was not race, but numbers:

"We cannot cope with the numbers coming in from eastern Europe, it places huge tensions in communities, it puts pressure on housing, health services and schools, and as we're seeing, creates all sorts of problems."
I couldn't have put it better myself!
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