Britain: Muslim Fifth Column Insults Returning Troops
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When a country admits millions of immigrants who despise its core beliefs, bad things happen.

Doubly so when those millions are hostile Muslims, who have entered the West on a mission of colonization, to create a worldwide caliphate under sharia law. Muslims have admitted in various venues that they intend to ”take over Britain” using the demographic means made possible by immigration.

In fact, a 2006 poll found that 40 percent of Muslims residing in the UK want sharia law there, and radicalization has certainly increased since that time. The Labour Party was on a program of speedy immigration to increase its voter base, so if nothing else, there are now more Muslims, which is always a bad thing.

Remarkably sane Dutch politician Geert Wilders (whose party gained in the recent election) said in a March speech to the House of Lords that ”Islam is not compatible with our Western way of life. Islam is a threat to Western values.”

Today’s example of ruinous immigration took place as British troops were being welcomed home from Afghanistan. A group calling itself ”Muslims against Crusades” shrieked calumnies as the solders marched through town, calling them ”murderers” andcrusaders.”

Look carefully to see the sign reading ”Sharia will be in London before Democracy will be in Afghanistan.”

Extremists Insult to Troops, The Sun, June 15, 2010

Violence erupted as more than 200 heroic members of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment marched through a town centre after returning from Afghanistan to vile taunts and jibes.

A new group of fanatics – who call themselves Muslims Against the Crusades – branded our brave boys ”the death squad” and chanted ”go to hell”.

Incredibly, the extremists were allowed to protest at the same time, and in the same street in Barking, Essex, as the soldiers’ welcome home parade.

Trouble flared as they waved placards which read: ”return of the butchers”, ”baby killers” and ”what are you dying for? 18k.”

They chanted ”wicked soldiers go to hell”, ”murderers, murderers” and ”sharia for UK”.

Riot police were forced to step in as they clashed with angry locals who draped themselves in England flags, belted out the national anthem and retaliated with chants of ”scum” and ”we pay your benefits”.

Eggs, glass bottles and pork sausages were also thrown at the group of around 40 protesters. […]

The hour-long parade was delayed as the vile extremists clashed with members of the far-right English Defence League.

Moments after the soldiers passed tensions reached boiling point and they charged through a police barricade to exchange punches with the Muslim group.

Cops piled into the mob to separate them. One man was wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and led away as the police surrounded the extremists.

Assadullah claimed the officers were more ”heavy handed” with his followers but onlookers were left stunned as police circled the fanatics protecting them from angry bystanders.

Dee McEvoy, 50, from Barking, stood in front of the protest group waving two union jack flags as the soldiers passed.

She said: ”I’m here for the army and the British forces. The protesters are entitled to their opinion but they are taking it out on the wrong people. They should be taking it out on the Government. This is not the reception these boys and girls deserve.”

Following is a Fox News report from this morning.

Once again, why can’t America learn from immigration mistakes overseas and end the entry of Muslims into our communities? It seems a no-brainer.

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