Brimelow On Wattenberg On Buchanan's book
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Pat Buchanan's State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America is #6 on Amazon as I write this, courtesy of a powerful plug from Matt Drudge and an emerging publicity wave. This offers a real chance for the immigration reform movement to crystallize the issue in public consciousness after it was finally resurfaced by the Bush Adminstration's mad drive for amnesty earlier this year. Many of us at VDARE.COM helped Pat with his manuscript, and are kindly thanked in the Acknowledgements. VDARE.COM is described as "indispensable" and my 1995 book Alien Nation as "seminal" (p. 88.) We are adding Pat's new blog, in which he will defend his book , to our blogroll. Supporting this book is an imperative patriotic duty.

(No doubt surprising to those unfamiliar with the ways of New York publishers, Harper Collins have chosen this very moment to let Alien Nation go out of print. We will be making it available on VDARE.COM soon).

An illustration of the way Pat can make the Establishment pay attention: Ben Wattenberg has just blogged that Pat is "an old friend" - and even that John O'Sullivan is "a nice fellow" - but that I am a "rather mean-spirited man" and VDARE.COM "near racist", although we all make the same argments (which Wattenberg ignores as usual). I naturally think this is because I've kicked him around badly in our various debates, not hard to do. But of course I'm mean-spirited. Ask him.

UPDATE: Pat now #2 on Amazon!

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