Brazil Gearing Up For World Cup 2014, Olympics 2016 By Beheading Ref
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From ESPN:
An amateur football match in Brazil led to two deaths as a referee was beheaded by spectators after he had stabbed a player.

The shocking incidents occurred in Maranhao, Brazil, last Sunday. According to reports, referee Otavio Jordao da Silva fatally stabbed footballer Josenir dos Santos Abreu.

Dos Santos Abreu is believed to have struck the referee after questioning a decision. In retaliation, Jordao da Silva stabbed the player.

Having witnessed the incident, an outraged group of spectators turned on the referee. He was tied up, beaten, stoned and quartered. They then put his head on a stake and planted it in the middle of the pitch.

I went to a professional soccer game at the Maracana (sp?) stadium in Rio in 1978, capacity 199,000 for the 1950 World Cup final. My father and I thought we were getting a deal but ended up in the standing room only section on field level with the tough eggs. Couldn't see much of what was happening, but we got an excellent view of the dry moat separating us spectators from the field in case we got the urge to dispute a call by lynching the ref. (There had apparently been an Unfortunate Incident.)
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