Bravely Confronting Hateful Protests...That The Media Refused To Cover
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Recently, there were protests in U.S. state capitols over the murders of white South African farmers.  Coverage was scarce, but here's one example:

Two officers injured, three arrested as protesters clash near state Capitol, Sacramento Bee, February 28, 2012

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, whatever protest there was wasn't covered by the press.

But bizarrely, the local paper ran a first-in-the-lineup letter-to-the-editor denouncing the uncovered protest as racist.

Network speaks out in the face of hate,, March 9, 2012

 “Few people in the Harrisburg area are aware that a white supremacist group recently held a rally on the Capitol steps in tandem with similar rallies in other cities nationwide.

The core of its message was that white people are being victimized in South Africa and nobody cares because the victims are white. They failed to mention that people of all colors are victims as well as perpetrators in those incidents. ” [More]

ALANNA BERGER,[Email her] Community Responders Network , East Donegal Twp., Lancaster County

That's right.  It's racist to protest the racially-motivated killings of white farmers in South Africa.

Furthermore, the paper won't cover any such protest, much less delve into the issue itself.  Because that would only provide a platform for racists.

But it will run a letter by someone who wants to call attention—but not too much, because the incident doesn't deserve coverage—to the hatred demonstrated by the protest.  Which we shouldn't pay attention to, because it's racist.  But trust us—it's hate.

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