#BoycottDelta Hate Hoaxer, Adam Saleh, Tweeted In Support Of Boston Marathon Bomber
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Adam Saleh, a YouTube celebrity, has a video of himself being "thrown off a plane for speaking Arabic", inspiring a #BoycottDelta hashtag on Twitter.

In fact, if you're flying for the holidays, you want to fly on an airline that's proactive about possible Arab hijackers. [YouTube prankster Adam Saleh claims racism on Delta flight, CNN Wires, December 21, 2016 ]

It's pretty obvious that he deliberately scared the staff and passengers of this Delta plane in order to make this video, which is serious crime in and of itself.

You've seen this sign?

Saleh's behavior is the same kind of thing that got a Venezuelan doctor fined $90,000 for joking about a bomb—and he had no malicious intent. One guy on Twitter found an interesting Tweet.

When I went to look at it, it had been deleted. However, a combination of Google's cache and Archive.is is pretty good for deleted Tweets—see archive.is/uVFSD

Of course, if Saleh is eager to apply the presumption of innocence to a mad Chechen bomber, that doesn't mean he actually approves of what the bomber did.

But maybe when looking at hate crimes, we could apply the same presumption of innocence to alleged white rapists.

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