Bordering on Madness
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That's the title of a post on WizbangBlog, with (so far) 90 comments, on the hypocrisy of non-enforcement.

The sheer dishonesty of the "pro-immigrant" side amazes me. They repeatedly denounce the enforcement of the law, call for exemptions and non-enforcement of the laws, but never actually have the courage of their convictions to call for changing the law.

It also appalls me that they free co-mingle legal and illegal immigrants under their aegis. There is a natural division between the two groups — the former is showing respect for the process outlined (and, by extension, the United States as a whole) by complying with the rules. They fill out all the forms, attend all the hearings, take all the tests, and in general constantly and repeatedly demonstrate their dedication to becoming responsible guests (and, potentially, citizens) of the United States. The latter are line-jumpers, people who want the instant gratification and immediate benefits of being in the United States without fulfilling any of the obligations outlined by law. To steal a phrase, they want the rights without the concomitant responsibilities.

Also checkout this comment, on the Political Process:

A Senator/Congressman can always please about half the people by passing a tougher law, but then he can also please the other half by not appropriating funding for the INS or ICE rather to enforce it.

The Bush administration has done a lot to make people cynical on the immigration issue.

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