Bob Weissberg Interview With SAN FRANCISCO REVIEW OF BOOKS: "Why Does The Conservative/GOP Establishment Hate Donald Trump?"
January 30, 2018, 10:40 AM
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Professor Robert Weissberg,  who John Derbyshire likes to call the "Happy Warrior of the oppositional Right", is interviewed by Joseph Cotto at the San Francisco Review Of Books.

You may remember that Professor Weissberg was fired—deplatformed might be a better word, he wasn't an employee—by National Review shortly after John Derbyshire was.

James Kirkpatrick wrote

The recent purging of Professor Robert Weissberg is particularly revealing. National Review’s editor, the castrati Rich Lowry, [Send him mail]claimed that Weissberg gave a “noxious” talk about the future of “white nationalism”—and thanked the cultural Marxist commissars who alerted him. But Weissberg’s talk was actually about the complete non-future of “white nationalism”, going so far as to deride the concept altogether. Instead, Weissberg discussed various subtler strategies by which whites can maintain some semblance of civilized communities.
Lowry used the same word—"noxious"—to describe both Weissberg and Cliven Bundy.

Weissberg articles on

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