Bloomberg Columnist: Aaargh! Trump Winning Immigration War!
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H/T Pic The New Yorker

Via Peter Brimelow’s twitter feed I learned of the delicious Trump Is Winning His War on Immigration by Francis Wilkinson Bloomberg July 25 2017

It's easy to lose sight, amid the dangers and dysfunctions of Donald Trump's presidency, of his very real success on a core issue.

Trump made a bold bet against immigration in his 2016 campaign. That bet had two components. First, Trump gauged that a passionate anti-immigrant faction of the Republican Party could be the foundation of a winning campaign. Second, he bet that a majority of Americans…would not match the passion of immigration restrictionists.

In effect, Trump wagered that he could handle immigration politics the way Republicans have long handled gun politics, appealing to the hard right and ignoring the moderate middle.

The campaign proved Trump correct

Wilkinson wails
Almost any undocumented immigrant is now a federal target.
and draws attention to an almost equally delicious New Yorker essay A Veteran ICE Agent, Disillusioned with the Trump Era, Speaks Out by Jonathan Blitzer July 24, 2017. This is built around the whining of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement official who apparently lacks the moral fiber to do his job. He also resents his colleagues who have what it takes:
 “I have officers who are more likely now to push back,” the agent said. “I’d never have someone say, ‘Why do I have to call an interpreter? Why don’t they speak English?’ Now I get it frequently. I get this from people who are younger. That’s one group. And I also get it from people who are ethnocentric: ‘Our way is the right way—I shouldn’t have to speak in your language. This is America.’ ”
After wallowing in a mud bath of pollaganda (Wilkinson needs to read Ann Coulter’s decisive refutation of this form of fraud in ADIOS AMERICA) the Bloomberg article concludes with a predictable slur from long time Treason Lobby asset Frank Sharry
“… you have a set of policies designed to do the following: deport Latinos, keep out Asians and ban Muslims. Not only does this gang seem intent on remaking our immigration system so that we are no longer a welcoming nation, they seem intent on remaking the racial and ethnic make-up of the country. Dare I say it? This is a white nationalist agenda."
This kindly links to Oregon National Socialist Movement leader wants white separatism, repeal of sanctuary status Kaitlyn Bolduc Fox12 Jul 21, 2017. 

There is of course no consideration of the reality that the Obama policy being dismantled was treasonous and  profoundly anti-American.

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