Blonde Indian Girl Wins New Zealand Beauty Contest—Brunette Indian Girls Miffed
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The girl on the left is Jacinta Lal, who has just won the Miss IndiaNZ contest. Her father is from the Fijian-Indian community referenced here, and her mother is a regular New Zealander. (I. E. a white person, or pakeha as they say in New Zealand. )

"Her stunning looks won her a coveted title in New Zealand's Miss India contest. But Jacinta Lal, 21, was today at the centre of a huge row after she was accused of not looking Indian enough.

The blue-eyed blonde, whose father is Fijian-Indian and mother a New Zealander, was booed by spectators when she won the Wellington leg of the MissIndiaNZ contest."[Row over blonde-haired, blue-eyed Miss India beauty contestant ... who 'doesn't look Indian enough'Daily Mail, October 13, 2010]

In the pictures she looks more like an Old Zealander than a New Zealander. (New Zealand was named after an island in Denmark, possibly because of the fjords.)

And I see why the actual Indian girls are jealous, although I should point out that regular Indian beauty contestants try to look as light and as Western as possible—Jacinta Lal is just a step further along that continuum. (She's not actually as blonde as she looks in this photo—I suspect that would be genetically impossible.

Hat tip: Federale:From The Only Whites Can Be Racist File

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