Blacks May Not Be Dog Lovers, But They Do Love Pit Bulls
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Apropos of Anonymous Attorney’s post about blacks and dogs, I would add that certain blacks like a certain type of dog.

You might recall a fellow named Michael Vick and his Bad Newz Kennels.

Blacks, it seems, or at least inner-city blacks, are obsessed with pit bulls. An online discussion( "whats up with black people and their obsession with pit bulls") says pit bulls are the blacks of the dog world: prone to violence and unpredictably attacking others. Maybe that’s why blacks like them so much.

Drug dealers, of course, are partial to them as well. They are menacing and dangerous. Just like drug dealers themselves, most  of whom are black or Hispanic.

Sorry for the stereotyping, but as the late Murray Rothbard said, all stereotypes are true.

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