Blacks Do Have A Reason To Be Worried About Spanish
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Because Spanish speaking Hispanic immigrants are killing blacks. Unfortunately the usually spot-on brilliant Steve Sailer says otherwise: November 20, 2011

Import Teachers Who Can’t Speak English—Alienate Reagan Democrats

In general, African-Americans don't like Spanish. They find being forced to study it is just a reminder of their demographic displacement as the biggest minority group. And blacks don't like people speaking Spanish around them. It makes them uneasy it makes them feel less street-smart. The strangers could be conspiring out loud in Spanish to jump them and they wouldn't be able to tell.

Maybe this isn't a realistic fear, but that's how a lot of lower class blacks feel.

In fact it is a deadly and real occasion when Hispanics target blacks for death and ethnic cleansing.

Two examples from The City of Angels come to mind courtesy of this blog, the two decade ongoing ethnic cleansing directed against blacks in the City of Azusa:

“The Azusa 13 gang waged a campaign of hate during a two-decade crime spree in which African-Americans were harassed and attacked,” said United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. “We hope that this federal case will signal the end of this racist behavior and will help vindicate all of the victims who have suffered over the years.”

And the Hawaiian Gardens ethnic cleansing:

“However, the real threat to Americans, black and white, comes from Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants who are lawless, violent, and racist. And ICE, which has primary jurisdiction over illegal immigration enforcement, did nothing over a number of years, starting with George H.W. Bush, and continuing through Clinton, George W. Bush, and, now, with the Obama Regime. Ethnic cleansing is not an uncommon crime committed by Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants. Many once white or black areas of southern California are now dominated by illegal and legal immigrants from Mexico. Hawaiian Guardens was not unusual. As a matter of fact, the alleged gang responsible, Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang is not really a gang, but a loose association of like minded Mexicans who hate all who are not Mexican, and specifically blacks, but whites are victims as well, but mostly as taxpayers who fund the welfare and law enforcement that deal with the Mexican influx. But it has been more deadly for blacks, who live closer to Mexicans. Whites either keep Mexicans out by using property price, or move out once Mexicans move in, because they know what will happen next.The tragedy is that black leaders, like Maxime Waters, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing about this ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide that was going on in Los Angeles and elsewhere. They spend too much time attacking the mythological KKK or the very real Korean grocers as threats to blacks, while blacks were being killed by their fellow people of color, and, as this story showed, really killed and really run out of neighborhoods.”

In both, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, under both Republican and Democrat administrations were unconcerned and took no actions over a period of years.


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