Blacks Are Keeping The Democratic Party From Abandoning God Entirely
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Michael S suggests rather than an electorally unified and active black population directing the Democrat party, the DNC tells blacks what to believe and they believe it:

Have you considered that causation might, at least sometimes, run in the other direction? That is, it’s not necessarily blacks dictating what the Democratic party wants, but rather blacks believing whatever the Democratic party tells them to believe and supporting whatever they’re told to support.

I’m sure the arrow points in both directions, depending on where and what.

It brings to mind the plantation analogy white conservatives love hearing non-Democrat blacks talk about. There could be some truth to it, though as Michael allows it doesn’t apply to every issue. Religion is one such issue. The DNC would be happy to jettison God from the party and the platform—separation of church and state!—but blacks make that impossible:

Some party functionaries may want to cut “under God” from the pledge of allegiance, but Barack Obama mentioned God once, Kamala Harris mentioned Him twice, Michelle Obama thrice, and Joe Biden five times in their respective convention speeches. Bernie Sanders’ irreligiosity didn’t do him many favors in South Carolina. While Sanders beat Biden among voters who never attend religious services, 36%-24%, Biden crushed Sanders among those who do, 52%-17%. Blacks are the most churchgoing race in America, and churchgoing blacks are more likely to vote than blacks who don’t go.

Parenthetically, this is another example of Thomas Sowell’s Black Rednecks and White Liberals in action. White leftists mock Republicans for their perceived superstitious religiosity but won’t criticize blacks for their presumably even more superstitious religiosity—because blacks are sacred objects, of course!

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