Black Woman To NYT: "My First Question Was, ‘is He Black?’"—Isn't That Racist?
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From the NYT story mentioned by Steve Sailer below, in which the Times has returned to calling George Zimmerman "white", instead of "white Hispanic":
"In Atlanta on Tuesday, Nneka Ekechukwu, 23, a South Carolina native of Nigerian descent, was having lunch with Denise Henderson, 45, a white friend and co-worker at an information-technology company...

When she heard the recent news that a 12-year-old Cleveland boy had been shot by an officer while wielding a toy gun, Ms. Ekechukwu said, “my first question was, ‘Is he black?’ ”

He was."

Reaction to Ferguson Decision Shows Racial Divide Remains Over Views of Justice, By Michael Wines,NYT, November 25, 2014

Of course, that's now my question too, when I hear of crime being committed with racial ID being omitted. Was the killer black? Was the victim white?

The difference is that the New York Times won't tell me. As I wrote in Hate Crimes, Real Crimes, And Relevance, the Times has engaged in a fifty year conspiracy to conceal the race of criminals, because they think it's a matter of "stereotyping" and it's not relevant. See, for the most recent example, Zemir Begic–White Victim Of Minority “Youths” With Hammers—And The NEW YORK TIMES.

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