Black Runs Amok With Bowie Knife At University Of Texas, Stabs Whites And Asian. Hate Crime Yes/No?
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A report of a mass stabbing that killed one and injured three was earlier said to have been done with a machete, but turns out to have been done with a Bowie knife. You can see the sheath on Kendrex White's leg in the photo at right.

The story Kendrex White: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know identifies White's victims as three white males and one Asian male. (No names yet.)

White was arrested recently for DWI. He claimed he was having a seizure, but the police wouldn't believe him. There are some weird religious social media postings by him, not Muslim but a dissident Christian sect, indicating some kind of mental illness.

Like almost all young blacks these days, he attributed racism to the police, BLM-style. says he "gave a presentation in 2015 called “The controversy of racism and police brutality in America,” which he posted to Prezi."

You can see the presentation  by clicking here.

Sample slide:

Here's a question—if he says that he did it because of "racism", will the media (a) blame Black Lives Matter, or (b) solemnly investigate the University of Texas for racism?

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