Black Rapper Accused Of "Racism" By British Radio Station
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Via Kathy Shaidle, this story puts the "multi" in "multiculturalism."
Galaxy FM suspends DJ over Busta Rhymes's single Arab Money UK Daily Mirror December 2, 2008

Radio station Galaxy FM has suspended two broadcasters for playing a controversial new song which some claim is offensive.

The title of Busta Rhymes' single Arab Money has been branded racist and the rapper is accused of mixing up elements of the Koran.

The song has barely been aired in the UK for fear of upsetting listeners.

"Listeners." That's a good way of putting it. How about "For fear of upsetting crazed Muslims who have been rioting, bombing, and issuing fatwas in the UK for years and years?"

Busta Rhymes is an African-American, (of Jamaican descent, real first name Trevor) and would be justified in not liking Arabs, either as an American, or as the descendant of the slaves sold to the West by Arab slave traders, but that's not how he feels.

And Galaxy confirmed "a number" of complaints were received when it was played in Birmingham and Yorkshire on Saturday night.

Busta Rhymes - real name Trevor Smith - insists he is "biggin' up" Arab culture.

But Galaxy's spokesman apologised for any offence caused by the track and said: "Both the DJ and producer have been suspended pending a full inquiry."

Of course they were suspended—as a result of mass immigration, Birmingham and Yorkshire are now crowded with violent Muslims.
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