Black NFL Cornerback Arrested After (A) Hit-And-Run (B) Threatening Witness WIth Brass Knuckles
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San Francisco 49ers' cornerback arrested in hit and run...

For some reason, looking at this headline on Drudge, I thought it said "Quarterback Arrested", and clicked through to see it was one of the rare black quarterbacks. When I clicked through, I saw this, and said "Oh, cornerback!"

San Francisco 49ers' cornerback arrested in hit and run

 Culliver was arrested Friday in San Jose.

From a Times Staff Writer

March 28, 2014, 5:32 p.m.

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was arrested Friday after he allegedly struck a bicyclist, attempted to flee the scene and then threatened a witness with brass knuckles after he was cornered, police told a Bay Area television station.

Culliver was arrested on suspicion of hit-and-run, reckless driving with injury and weapons possession, San Jose police said.

Culliver, 25, was driving a white Ford Mustang when police said he struck a bicyclist and attempted to flee the scene, NBC Bay Area reported. The bicyclist was crossing at the intersection when he was struck.

A witness followed Culliver and attempted to block the NFL player from leaving, police said.

But when Culliver was cornered by the witness, officers said the athlete threatened him with brass knuckles before getting back into his car and driving away, hitting the witness’ car in the process.

When police arrived, they took Culliver into custody without incident, the station reported. [More]

You see, almost all quarterbacks are white, almost all cornerbacks are black. Steve Sailer explained this in 2003:

Until about five years ago, black NFL quarterbacks were actually about as common as blacks are in the general population. But this was widely denounced in the press as proof of white racism—because blacks are so much more common in other football positions. For example, when I last checked a few years ago, 59 of the 60 starting cornerbacks were black.

Quarterbacks and cornerbacks, however, require radically different skills. It's simply wrong to expect equal proportions of each race at both positions.

Why? Three reasons:

  • Cornerbacks are defenders who guard pass receivers. Speed, jumping ability and the ability to react instantaneously are crucial talents. These are all areas in which blacks tend to be strong.

    But, in contrast, quarterbacks need arm strength and throwing accuracy. And there's no clear racial difference in throwing ability. The closest analogy to the quarterback is the baseball pitcher, whose primary job is likewise to stand and throw. Many more African-American big leaguers play the outfield, where their speed is useful, than pitch, where it's not.

  • Lots of young black quarterbacks switch to other positions as they grow up. Why? Basically because they can switch. Many blacks who played quarterback in grade school or high school—where the simplest strategy for winning is often to put your best athlete at quarterback and let him run with the ball—make it to the NFL in other positions, where the competition is less stiff. There are four times as many NFL starting jobs for defensive backs as there are for quarterbacks. There are three times as many for receivers.

    In contrast, most white quarterbacks are too slow to play anything else in the NFL, except perhaps tight end. So the handful who make it are survivors of a ferocious nationwide competition in which first prize is, you get to be an NFL quarterback—and second prize is, you get to be an insurance salesman. [Rush Was Right, Of Course. But Why? By Steve Sailer ,October 5, 2003]

The difference between the two positions socially is this: if you're a white cornerback, the NFL and MSM are both openly prejudiced against you. If you're a black quarterback, the same forces are, even more openly prejudiced in favor of you.

In terms of our regular "Not Reporting Race" criticism, the LA Times has a photograph of Culliver, but while it mentions the color of the Mustang Culliver was driving (white) it doesn't mention the color of Culliver himself, or either of his victims.

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