Black Martyr's Apprentice Duwayne Brooks Is Running For Mayor Of London...As A Tory
May 22, 2018, 03:43 PM
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9780349116563A follow-up on my comments last month about the Stephen Lawrence case in Britain. Lawrence was the young black man murdered by white punks in London 25 years ago and now revered as a saint by British progressives. His mother sits in the House of Lords.

I quipped in those comments that perhaps London will soon be renamed Lawrence. Or perhaps the entire United Kingdom will become Lawrencia.

Neither of those things has actually happened yet, but they're getting closer. This week came news that Lawrence's friend Duwayne Brooks, who was with the Holy Martyr on the night of the murder, and who is regarded with some of the same superstitious awe as Saint Lawrence himself, this guy Duwayne Brooks is running for Mayor of London.

The current Mayor is a Pakistani Muslim. Since there are no white Britons left in London outside a few billionaire precincts, I'd say Mr. Brooks—or the Apostle Duwayne, whatever the correct appellation is—may be a good bet for next Mayor.

You ready for the punch line? Punch line: Brooks is running on the Conservative Party ticket.