Black Lives Matter Inspired Kidnap/Torture Of White Man Getting "Man Arrested" Treatment
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A young white man was kidnapped by four blacks, inspired by Black Lives Matter propaganda, and anti-white, anti-Trump hate, the hate that that comes from black leaders, the Main Stream Media, the Democratic Party...and the White House.

Here's Drudge's coverage(archive link):

Man forced to say 'f**k Donald Trump,' 'f**k white people'...

Made to drink from toilet...

Chicagoland torture...

Hate crime, battery charges...

CNN Lemon: 'I Don't Think Was Evil'...

WHITE HOUSE: Too Early To Tell If Hate Crime...


Buzzfeed's headline is
Four People Charged With Hate Crime After Man Tortured In Facebook Live Video

 “Fuck Donald Trump, fuck white people,” an attacker says while an 18-year-old man, described as having mental health issues, is beaten.

I call that burying the lede, but here are the pictures Buzzfeed provides:

Buzzfeed is not promoting this as a black crime, but they noticed it was a black crime in order attempt to exonerate the Black Lives Matter movement:

People Are Blaming The Chicago Kidnapping On Black Lives Matter With Zero Evidence

The Chicago police said they could not confirm if the video was tied to any organization. posted by Tasneem Nashrulla [Email her]on Jan. 5, 2017, at 1:16 p.m.

To Hell with your "Zero Evidence"—were the riots and the shooting of police also not inspired by BLM?

No one ever asks for "evidence" in the rare white hate crimes. Dylann Roof was part of no "movement", but they tore down Confederate flags all over the South because of his crime.

Next time a "Black Lives Matter" spokesman makes a public appearance, the MSM should ask him to condemn this—but they won't.

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