Black Lives Matter? In 2020, Black/Brown Gun Violence in Chicago Has Killed 23 Times More Black/Brown Youth Than COVID
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For those counting at home, all of those youth in Chicago killed by gun violence have been non-white. And all of those who pulled the trigger tragically ending these young non-white lives were non-white themselves. But Black Lives Matter, right?

Gun Violence Has Killed 23 Times More Chicago Youth Than COVID, Zero Hedge, December 5, 2020

Chicago youth are at far higher risk of dying from gun violence than they are from COVID-19. That’s been the case since the start of the pandemic.

As of December 1, four Chicago youth have died from COVID but over 90 have died from gun violence. That’s 23 children dead from gun violence for every COVID death.

The numbers are far worse than they were five months ago when Wirepoints laid out the facts about reopening Chicago Public Schools to in-class learning. One of the more revealing points we covered was that the virus was far less a threat to Chicago children than gun violence.

Data from the Cook County Medical Examiner showed 3 children had died from COVID-19 between Mar. 1 and Jul 22. In comparison, over 46 had already died of gun violence.

It’s hard for us to know just how many fewer youth would have died from gun violence if CPS had opened up months ago, but we’d venture to guess it would have been fewer.

With more experts agreeing that schools are not a COVID-spreading threat, and the negative impacts of keeping students out of school on the rise, CPS should proceed with its reopening plans with all speed.


The country doesn’t need COVID-19 shutdowns, but a true conversation about gun crime/gun violence and race. Because gun control means protecting black lives, if we work to keep legal and illegal guns out of the hands of black and brown people. If black lives matter, it means being honest about who/whom is responsible for all those dead black and brown Chicago youth.

It’s not white people.

And it’s far more than who have passed away from COVID-19…

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