Black Father Of Black Steubenville Rapist Shoots White Judge
August 21, 2017, 02:50 PM
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For some reason, while I heard about the 2012 Steubenville rape case, involving teenagers behaving despicably with an unconscious girl, I thought it had involved only white teenagers. But since it was a high school football team, that's not the case. (The victim was white.)

Wikipedia, speaking of the events of 2012, says

According to trial transcripts, at about midnight, the intoxicated victim left a party with four football players. They went to a second party where the victim vomited and appeared "out of it." The same group left after about 20 minutes, and headed to the home of one of the witnesses. In the backseat of the car during the 15-minute trip, her shirt was removed and Trent Mays [The white guy] digitally penetrated the victim's vagina and exposed her breasts while his friends filmed and photographed her. In the basement of the house, Mays attempted to orally rape the victim by forcing his penis into her mouth. Now unconscious, she was stripped naked and the second accused, Ma'lik Richmond, [The black guy]also digitally penetrated the victim's vagina. She was again photographed. Three witnesses took the photos back to the second party and shared them with friends.
Ma'lik Richmond's father is Nathaniel Richmond (above title) who has some kind of criminal past and present, and he just shot, in an ambush attack, a white judge. The judge fired back, and is alive. Richmond senior is dead.

Here's part of the Washington Post's coverage:

The shooting occurred in Steubenville, Ohio, a city best known for a high-profile rape case involving high school football players. In a strange twist, the shooter was identified by authorities on Monday afternoon as Nathaniel Richmond, father of one of the two teenage boys found delinquent — or guilty — in 2013 as part of that rape case.

Jane Hanlin, prosecutor for Jefferson County, identified Richmond as the shooter, but she said authorities do not believe there was “any connection whatsoever” between Richmond’s son, Ma’lik, and the shooting on Monday.

Bruzzese had “nothing at all to do with that particular case,” Hanlin said during an afternoon briefing, noting that it was handled by a visiting judge from another area.

However, Hanlin said authorities still did not know what might have motivated Monday’s shooting. She said Nathaniel Richmond had a criminal history and cases in Bruzzese’s courtroom, as well as before other judges, but said it was not clear whether these previous cases or a pending case had anything to do with the shooting.

Bruzzese was taken into surgery after the shooting, police said. He was in stable condition Monday afternoon and is expected to survive, Hanlin said.

Richmond was struck three times and killed on Monday. Since a probation officer as well as the judge fired rounds at him, Abdalla said it was not clear whether one of Bruzzese’s bullets hit Richmond, who had fired five rounds.

Ohio judge shot in ‘ambush’ carried out by father of man convicted in Steubenville rape case, officials say By Mark Berman August 21, 2017

Lots more at the Washington Post link, including these two "Further Reading" links: This is more of what Steve Sailer has been calling "Late Obama Age Collapse "—blacks getting violent under the influence of the passions ginned up by the Trayvon Martin hoax, the Ferguson Fiasco, and the Freddie Gray rioting in Baltimore.