Black Democrat House Leader Says Accusations Against Fellow Black Caucus Leader "Could Be Made Up"
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This from Ben Jacobs of the Guardian, referencing an NYT story:

Clyburn, right, isn't just the #3 Democrat, he's the top ranking House African-American Democrat. Of course he's going to support Conyers. His attitude to Trump and more especially Jeff Sessions can be seen here:Clyburn to attend inauguration — against his wife's wishes, By Deirdre Walsh, CNN, January 19, 2017.

You know, I bet he doesn't like Roy Moore, either. In any case, yes, the accusations against Conyers could be made up, but what's not made up is the federal funds used to pay off the accuser, taxpayer money provided by Congress’s Office of Compliance, which has paid out at least $17 million to various harassment victims.

That's something the House Assistant Democratic Leader should know about already.

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