Black Democrat Gunrunner Linked To Yee Case Blames Racism
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In the no surprises department the vile black Democrat gunrunner Keith Jackson, arrested with San Francisco's Naked Official Leland Yee has blamed racism for his [Alleged, for legal reasons] corruption, gunrunning and murder-for-hire plot.

Jackson called the inquiry a racially motivated attack. Jackson is black.

SFGate by Nanette Asimov March 27, 2014

Keith Jackson, Former S.F. Education Official, Accused In Murder-For-Hire Scheme


(03-26) 18:18 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — Keith Jackson, accused by the FBI on Wednesday of being involved in a murder-for-hire scheme and a gun- and drug-trafficking conspiracy, was San Francisco's top elected educator during the late 1990s...Jackson called the inquiry a racially motivated attack. Jackson is black.

In an interesting aside, Jackson and his corrupt practices are in conflict with black Muslims who accuse him of not paying bribes to the Nation of Islam to allow the building new housing in Hunter's Point for white people, where the construction is exposing black children to asbestos from a building project in the historically black neighborhood.
Jackson last made news in 2009 while working as a representative of Lennar Corp., which some in the black community have accused of exposing children to toxic dust during its development of the Hunters Point Shipyard.
Jackson took out a restraining order against one of his harshest critics, a Nation of Islam minister who barred him from leaving a community meeting, Jackson told SF Weekly at the time. He said the minister called him an "Uncle Tom" for representing the developers and asked how he could "kill the babies."
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