Black Conservative Elizabeth Wright Takes on the Carlos Slim Times
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Black conservative Elizabeth Wright writes like the reincarnation of my journalistic hero, George S. Schuyler (1895-1977), whom no less than H.L. Mencken considered America’s greatest editorial writer.

The Slim Times' recent series of race-baiting editorials demonizing the immigration reform movement (not to be confused with its countless other race-baiting editorials demonizing other reform movements), managed to incur Miss Wright's wrath, which as with Schuyler, is a wondrous thing to behold, as long as one is not on the receiving end of it.

"Who started the lie that the Founders of this nation expended their energies, in order to create a haven for the rescue of the world's displaced populations? Did it come about chiefly from cynical 19th century industrialists eager only for cheap labor, who sought to soften their true motives by wrapping them in sentimental bombast?

Was the lie then perpetuated through the fantasies of some early lucky refugees who found their way to these shores, and who desired to make the path to the Golden Door easier for their family and kin left behind?

Or was the lie deliberately concocted by those who despised the country's powerful and entrenched establishment, with the expectation that making mass immigration a national religious mandate might eventually unglue said establishment?

When restrictive immigration laws were changed in the 1960s, who expected to benefit most from the mass influx that inevitably would begin to stream from around the world?

I ask these questions in light of the New York Times' recent editorials [here and here and here,] denigrating those Americans who campaign, through organizations and modest media outlets, to regain control over our borders, in order to preserve the traditional cultural integrity of the United States. The Times and its comrades share the presumptuous notion that the US is the rightful destination of every conceivable population on earth. They send the word far and wide that, if you're hurting in the land of your birth, then you have a right to alleviate that hurt by transporting yourself to the USA, no matter what stress is put upon the resources of American citizens."

[The New York Times, the Watchdogs, and the crusade to destroy the immigration reform movement by Elizabeth Wright, Issues & Views, February 12, 2009.]

Miss Wright puts in a good word for founder Peter Brimelow, FAIR, CIS and NumbersUSA, while burying in scorn and mockery the SPLC and ADL, in one of the most powerful yet succinct criticisms I have yet read of them. Read the whole thing.

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