Birth Tourism Explained In Actual English
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A reader named Matthew Slater has kindly translated into readable English the reasons for "birth tourism" from the website that I included in my last VDARE column. As you'll recall, I used a chaotic Google Translate version. From Chinese Baby Care on why pregnant Chinese women should pay the firm $9,000 to $14,000 to have their baby on American soil.
The benefits of US citizenship
1. If your child is born in America, he will immediately have US nationality and will enjoy the rights of a citizen. When the child is 21, the parents can apply to be sponsored as family members, will have a permanent green card, will not have to wait their turn for the quota, and it will provide the basis for future immigration
2. In terms of the environment and education, the US is the most advanced state in the world, and your child will be able to attend US public schools from primary school to senior high school without any tuition fees at all.
3. Your child will pay only 10% of the tuition fees paid by foreign students in state unversities and research institutes, and it will be easy for him to enrol in famous universities.
4. Your American child will be able to apply for scholarship funds that only US citizens can enjoy and for student loans at a low interest rate of 1%.
5. Your child will be able to live and work in high-income America unconditionally (the average wage in the US is US$37,363 a year), and will be given preferential treatment in assuming significant leadership positions in the US government, public institutions and large businesses.
6. Your child will enjoy the right to enter more than 180 countries of the globe without obtaining visas, and and the convenience of crossing borders on the most preferential terms.
7. Your child will have a US Social Security card and will enjoy access to all American social welfare measures and medical facilities.
8. If the location your child resides in in the future is disrupted by war, US citizenship and nationality will allow him to benefit from protection and evacuation by the US government.
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