Bimbette Who Took Down Richard Stallman: Let's Talk About My Hair
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As I mentioned earlier, Richard Stallman is an extreme example of the computer nerd personality type, and also a heroic architect of the not-for-profit software movement. Now Stallman has been MeTooed, but not for anything he did, but for defending another genius, Marvin Minsky.

The cadre who went after Stallman is Selam Gano. From Inside Higher Ed:

Selam Gano, a robotics engineering MIT graduate, arguably set Stallman’s departure in motion last week when she published a post on Medium called “Remove Richard Stallman and Everyone Else Horrible in Tech.”

… Gano wrote that there are “so many things wrong” with Stallman’s email that she didn’t know where to begin.

Not surprisingly, Selam Gano is really fascinated by her hair:

Selam Gano ’18

My hair type is 3B (according to the naturally curly hair quiz, which I highly recommend: Many people have multiple hair types on their head, so I’d say mine has kinda both 3B and 3C curls. My hair is medium-porosity, which is to say, it fairly easily accepts moisture and can keep it in for a couple days before I need to thoroughly condition my hair again. Low porosity hair typically has a tighter cuticle, and tends to be difficult to moisturize–some people find that conditioner only penetrates their hair strands with the aid of heat, such as shower steam, or they might use a heated conditioning cap.

My hair strands are also relatively thick, and my hair is quite dark in color–many people, when you look closely, have more visibly brown hair rather than almost-black. I think this comes from the Asian side of my family lol.

My routine uses almost exclusively TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural) products (though I’m in China right now, and so I’ve kinda just been using whatever I can find if I run out of something)

Normal day:

lightly wet hair throughout with spray bottle or fingers

apply TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner

do some mild finger-detangling

(sometimes) apply hair oil, I usually use argan oil from ogx

My hair and my scalp (and my skin in general) is typically dry, so I wash my hair about every 3 days, and I shampoo maybe once a week. I also deep condition my hair

Wash day:

(if a shampoo day) shampoo using TGIN moisture rich sulfate-free shampoo

Condition with TGIN Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner

Thoroughly finger-detangle

deep-condition with TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask for 3-5 minutes/rest of shower (it should probably be longer but I am lazy). I rinse out maybe half the conditioner and leave the rest of the product in.

T-shirt dry–which is where I wrap my hair in a T-shirt and just let the T-shirt absorb the water for a while.

Apply leave-in and hair oil if needed


If you have dandruff or a particularly itchy/dry scalp, I’d look into scalp scalers and scalp oils. A scalp scaler is really just a chemical exfoliator (your scalp is just skin, after all), so I use the same one I use for my face–The Ordinary 7% glycolic acid toner. Any AHA or BHA (alpha- or beta-hydroxy acid) should work fine. Aesop makes a fancy rinse-out scalp oil, you could probably use rosehip oil and be fine.


I always finger detangle my hair. I rarely use a comb now. I don’t know where in the Culture Norms brushing your hair got linked to hygiene(?) but like, it’s just hair, for curly people especially, as long as all the knots you can feel are out, it’s fine. I occasionally will go through with a large-toothed comb to just really detangle everything, but I never use brushes or fine-toothed combs anymore–frizz and damage 😛

The important thing when drying your hair is to NEVER do that thing where you aggressively try and dry all the parts of your head by rubbing the towel all over the place (even if you have straight hair). Recipe for frizz and damage. Just wrap your hair and let the cloth absorb the water, it’s not the end of the world if it’s not completely dry (in my case that is greatly preferred actually). I typically use a T-shirt because the fibers aren’t as rough and it won’t catch on your curls, but if I’m lazy/traveling/clothes are scarce for some reason, a towel is fine too. I air-dry my hair after that, but if you want to use a blow-dryer I’d recommend using a diffuser, with low heat.

This is already too long so here’s my hair (and face):

And finally (shameless plug) here is an introspective blog post I wrote on Medium about hair.

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