Bill Richardson: "Obama is an Immigrant"
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Bill Richardson: ”Obama is an Immigrant”

By Nicholas Stix

When Hillary Clinton supporters and Republicans question whether the racial socialist calling himself ”Barack Hussein Obama” was born in America, the Obamanoids denounce them as the lunatic fringe. For if ”Obama” were an immigrant, it would mean that his election was illegal, and he would be guilty of the most massive case of election fraud since Mayor Richard Daley I and George Parr, ”the Duke of Duval County,” Texas, stole the 1960 election for Jack Kennedy. (Funny how ”Chicago politician” and ”election fraud” always seem to go together.)

But what are they going to say in response to Commerce Secretary-designate Bill Richardson’s statement, ”Obama is an Immigrant”–”Obama es un immigrante”?

Richardson was videoed by French TV station, France 24, on September 1 at the Democratic National Convention, and the video first posted to Youtube two months ago, but it only began gathering steam on the Web earlier this month.

Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn't just speak about immigration and civil rights.
Richardson’s statement was either true, a lie, or yet another example of Richardson’s Zelig-like existence, in which he is all things to all people, extending to the point of being ”brown”–thanks to a tanning lamp and/or makeup–before a ”brown” audience, and white before a white one.

What does Richardson do, when he has to give sworn testimony on any given subject? And what do the Obamanoids do about what he said? My hunch is that they’ll deal with it the way they deal with all unpleasant facts: Ignore it, and if pressed about it, lie.

Tip ”o’ the hat to blogger, 24 Ahead.

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