A Twofer: Killer Saved By Affirmative Action And Race Loyalty: $PLC to blame.
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So Brian Nichols, the 6'-1" 200 pound Black man who, on trial for rape, overpowered a 5' grandmother "Guard"and shot his way out of an Atlanta courtroom, killing in total four people, escapes the death penalty.

Maximum Sentence for Courthouse Killings in Atlanta New York Times December 13, 2008 (NB Devious headline by NYT: Maximum only under Georgia's silly law)

Nichols was of course a beneficiary of Affirmative Action  — spearheaded in this case by the $outhern Poverty Law Center —which gave him the chance to escape.

He was also, I am confident, the beneficiary of Georgia's "Black Veto"Death Penalty Law, which mandates unanimous verdicts to permit the Judge to impose execution. Racial solidarity: No doubt some immoral Blacks held out. A Bleg: can anyone confirm this?

This is a disgrace to the State of Georgia, and a direct consequence of cowardice on racial issues. And another indictment of the of the evil influence of the $PLC

What this means is that an undeniably courageous and enterprising man, with absolutely nothing to lose, will be a huge threat to fellow inmates and Prison Guards for several decades —and a charge to the Taxpayers too.

On the other hand, hope for America emerges in the behavior of his hostage, Ashley Smith Robinson. I hope that she will not be offended by my saying that her background is what is frequently described as "White Trash". Yet she had the necessary moral fiber:

…Ashley Smith Robinson, alerted police to his whereabouts. Ms. Smith Robinson was credited with bringing a peaceful ending to the rampage by appealing to Nichols' religious beliefs and giving him illegal drugs.

What a contrast to the Virginia Tech atrocity. As long as these kinds of people surface, those who wish to destroy America will have a serious problem

Read Ashley Smith Robinson's Book.



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