Bill Richardson Doesn't Know What "American" Means
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In Rob Sanchez's post about the Youtube debate, not only did the Democrats want universal health care, they wanted it extended to illegal aliens. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson seemed to think that uninsured illegals were "Americans." Blog Articles » Youtube Debate Ignores Immigration COOPER: Would your plan, Governor Richardson, cover undocumented workers?

RICHARDSON: Yes, it would. It should cover everybody. (APPLAUSE) In this country, no matter who you are, whether you’re a ditch- digger, you’re a teacher, you’re a CEO, you’re a waiter, you’re a maid, every American deserves the right to the best possible quality health care.

It seems no one noticed that the question was about, not "every American" but about all the illegal aliens. The point about aliens is that they aren't American—except in the sense that many of them are from somewhere in what might someday be a North American Union.

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