Bilingual Happy Holidays
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I subscribe to Spanish On Patrol's "Word of the Day"—I don't actually speak Spanish, so I rely on our many Spanish speakers here to get it right, and I work with Google Translate, et cetera, but it's fun to learn new word. (Although it's not going to save life, the way it might for the police officers and correctional officers that are the main customers of Spanish On Patrol.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero A?±o Nuevo
Happy Holidays!
Have a Safe and Prosperous 2008
Please note that while it says "Happy Holidays" in English, it says Feliz Navidad, meaning "Merry Christmas" in Spanish. Well, this is why we need to ban Spanish in the workplace—how is the Human Relations Department supposed to know that people are saying something offensive like "Merry Christmas" if people are allowed to talk foreign all the time?
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