Biden Officially Announces He’s Running Against Charlottesville—With "Black Lives Matter" Kamala By His Side
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Earlier, April 2019: Joe Biden Thinks He's Running Against Racism. He's Running Against America

In one of the flatter-toned, yawn-inducing announcements of a VP pick I've ever heard, Joe Biden stood before a non-audience yesterday to tell the electorate he's picked Kamala Harris of California.

It was sorry, boilerplate stuff about "working families," capped off with something like this:

It’s also the third anniversary of that terrible day in Charlottesville. Remember? Remember what it felt like to see those neo-Nazis, close your eyes, and those Klansmen, white supremacists, coming close your eyes, and those Klansmen, white supremacists, coming out of fields, carrying lighted torches, faces contorted, bulging veins, pouring into the streets of a historic American city...

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The reason you have to close your eyes is because you have to blind yourself to months of violent, murderous and destructive rioting by the anti-white left in cities across America.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter have taken over neighborhoods, destroyed businesses, defied the rule of law and otherwise terrorized traditional America—with full support from the media, the Democrats, Big Tech, Big Business, and so on.

Harris' acceptance was no less boilerplate, but she, too, tacked on her support for Black Lives Matter.  She called the terrorist mobs the "coalition of conscience."

She is, of course, a fine sop to the left with her status as half-Indian (mom was an immigrant) and half-other, and it's not really clear to me how black her Jamaican-born father actually is.  He looks pretty light-skinned in photos I've seen, so there's white ancestry there (including even slave-owning ancestry).

Kamala Harris, and father Donald J. Harris, Emeritus Professor of Economics at Stanford

In short, the selection announcement was Game, Set, Match in the showdown between traditional, historic America and the white-hating behemoth rising.

Biden gave zero assurance to whites, traditional Americans, Christians or even law-abiding blacks and Hispanics who might, if asked, have some hesitation about the statue-wrecking, cop-killing and censorship. Neither did Harris.

Here we come, November.

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