Biden Lets Trump’s Moratorium Expire, Betraying American Workers
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Donald Trump’s immigration moratorium is no more. The Biden administration plans to let it expire Wednesday, allowing corporations to once again import tens of thousands of cheap foreign labor.

Bloomberg, which first reported the news, noted who would benefit the most from this change.

Biden’s decision will please business groups from Silicon Valley giants to India’s IT services leaders, which had pressured the administration to lift the ban ever since the new president took office. Executives have grown frustrated that the directive was not immediately revoked, arguing it hurt U.S. companies.

American tech firms, from Facebook Inc. to Google, rely on foreign talent to shore up domestic workforces. Infosys Ltd. and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. traditionally dispatch Indian software engineers to work in tandem with their American clients, which include some of the largest Wall Street banks and technology corporations. It remains unclear whether Biden will ease visa restrictions in general, reversing curbs imposed by the former Trump administration [Biden to Let Trump’s H1-B Visa Ban Expire in Win for Tech, by Jordan Fabian and Genevieve Douglas, Bloomberg, March 30, 2021].

The White House plans to make a formal announcement Wednesday.

The moratoriums revocation is just the latest example of an administration that cares more about the foreigner than the American worker. Millions of Americans can’t find good jobs right now—that simple fact can’t persuade Joe Biden to veer from the open borders dogma.

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