Beyonce's Sammy Sosafication
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Beyonce, the top African-American singing star, has apparently been expensively turning herself into a Scarlett Johansson-lookalike. Not surprisingly, according to Sailer's Law of Female Journalism, a female journalist is taking it very personally.
Why I believe Beyonce is betraying all black and Asian women

By Yasmin Alibhai-brown

Betrayal: Beyonce's change of skin tone appears to deny her heritage and send out a bad message to the youngsters who see the images

Not so long ago, I sat in a nursery class in Wandsworth, South London, where a teacher was conducting a test to discover how the children felt about their race.

She asked each youngster to hug the doll in the classroom that looked most  like them.

Naomi, a black girl, at once grabbed a blonde, blue-eyed doll and wouldn't let go. Tears rolled down her face when it was gently taken from her.

... Of course, black and [South] Asian parents work hard to give their children a positive self-image and confidence in their appearance, despite the cultural forces stacked against them.

But when black celebrities appear to deny their heritage by trying to make themselves look white, I despair for the youngsters who see those images.

One black friend of mine, who has a 13-year-old daughter, was incandescent this week when she saw the picture of U.S. singer Beyonce at a pre-Grammy awards party.

Her complexion and limbs were translucently pallid, her locks long, straight and blonde.

Now, racial mixing since the days of slavery means ”black' Americans come in a whole range of skin hues, but in recent years Beyonce's tone seems miraculously to be changing from dusky to peachy.

In my VDARE article last year about retired baseball slugger Sammy Sosa's adventures with skin-lightening, I made a political suggestion so weird that I'm going to toss it out there again:
However, when seen from a global perspective, this assumption that the Republican Party is doomed because immigrants view it as The White Party in an increasingly nonwhite America seems ... parochial.

The real question in American politics might turn out to be: Can the Democrats of the Post-Obama Era thrive as The Black Party in an increasingly non-black America?

Of course, that real question won't be asked much as long as the government continues to offer immigrants and their descendants money and prizes for identifying as non-white.

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