Beth Gottstein: La Raza's Voice On KC City Council
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Fifth column. Noun. A clandestine subversive organization working with a country to further an invading enemy's military and political aims.

Question: Why is At Large Kansas City Councilwoman Beth Gottstein so supportive of the National Council of La Raza's (The Race) demand that Park Board member Frances Semler be removed from her post because of her membership in the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps?

Answer: Ms. Gottstein is up to her eyeballs supporting efforts that would "positively contribute to the quality of life for Latinos in Kansas City." And she's getting paid to do it.

Ms. Gottstein (e-mail), who said she will "stand" with her La Raza amigos if they decide to cancel their 2009 national convention in Kansas City unless the 73-year-old Semler is given the boot by Mayor Mark Funkhouser, is manager-resource development and administration for the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC), a La Raza affiliate. Her duties include fund raising, event planning, public affairs and financial management.. She also does volunteer work for the Coalition of Hispanic Organizations in the city.

Last month the Kansas City Star's Lynn Franey (e-mail) did a lengthy piece on the Minutemen and their mission, "Minuteman controversy centers in Kansas City," Sept. 22. One reader, Paul Newhouse, has suggested that perhaps Ms. Franey devote at least the same space to a La Raza profile.

Not a bad idea. But any such profile must include an interview with Ms. Gottstein (a side bar, perhaps?) that asks her to explain in detail her HEDC duties and how they may have influenced the way she thinks about related issues such as, oh, you know, the rule of law as it applies to illegal aliens living in her city. <

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