"Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Over Safety Fears"—How the NYT Lies Without Quite Lying
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This New York Times article below is a good example of the barely existent distinction between outright Fake News versus T he Narrative. The NYT manages to reassuringly mislead its subscribers by putting Real News in a distorted order.
Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Over Safety Fears


SAN FRANCISCO — The University of California, Berkeley, on Wednesday canceled a scheduled speech by the conservative author Ann Coulter, in the latest blow to the institution’s legacy and reputation as a promoter and bastion of free speech.

University administrators said in a statement that they could not allow Ms. Coulter to speak because of active security threats. In a letter to the Berkeley College Republicans, which was sponsoring the speech, two university vice chancellors said the university had been “unable to find a safe and suitable venue for your planned April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter.” …

With its reputation as one of the country’s most liberal universities, the campus and surrounding areas have become a target for small, militant and shadowy right-wing groups who in recent months have clashed with equally militant and shadowy anarchist groups based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

That’s an intentionally deceptive misstatement of the actual chain of events in Berkeley, reversing the who-whom order of events. It’s clearly referring to the violent no-platforming of Milo Y. in February by masked leftists against peaceful Milo fans, which then led to the brawl over the weekend in Berkeley that the right appears to have won. But perhaps 90% of the NYT’s readers will assume that “small, militant and shadowy right wing groups” started the current chain of violence in Berkeley. After all, they are mentioned first.

A huge fraction of NYT readers don’t realize the newspaper misled them in the past about things like “violence at Trump rallies,” which was overwhelmingly left-on-right. When you find yourself in a hole of deception, keep digging!

In February, a speech by the incendiary right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos, also sponsored by the College Republicans, was canceled after masked protesters smashed windows, set fires and pelted the police with rocks.
You know and I know the who-whom of what happened, but most NYT subscribers don’t have a clear memory. So they just read this to align with their prejudices: those College Republicans smashed windows, etc.

It’s an easy game to play. Most people simply don’t have a timeline in their head of current events, so they can’t do reality checks on The Narrative.

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