Ben Dreyfuss: "People Hate the Mouthy Bro Who Forces You to Listen About How Great They Were at Sports at Their Sad Little Lily White Prep School."
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Ben Dreyfuss, editorial director of Mother Jones, tweets:

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Ben, of course, is Latinx and comes from a long line of non-mouthy Dreyfusses, as we can see from his dad’s role in The Graduate in 1967:

And here’s Ben explaining the kind of diverse high school he went to:

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Don’t know which son of the Goldman Sach’s CEO with whom Ben Dreyfuss went to high school, but you can read about both here and here.

Ben Dreyfuss attended The Community School, a private school currently charging $30,250 per year tuition, in … Sun Valley, Idaho. The Community School is so diverse, urban, and not lily white that it has its own live-in Ski Academy.

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