Beltway RINOs Pander To Commie Chinese Traitors
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Traitors because this Red Chinese is, at least by dint of naturalization, though probably derived, an American citizen. But obviously he has not acculturated. And the RINOs at NRO have again decided that conviviality with the dirty Reds from China and in the Democrat Party are of more import than standing up for principle and denouncing attacks on the First Amendment. And accommodating themselves and their beltway friends to betrayal of the Constitution. (h/t My colleague Brenda Walker at VDare)

In typical fashion, the go-along RINO Shannen Coffin at NRO, and not an illegal alien, decided to tut-tut the Islamist pandering by Demoncrat California State Senator Ted Lieu who is threatening Lowe's with the exercise of Stalinist, or more accurately, Maoist, State authority for the temerity of ending advertising on All American Muslim.

NRO December 13, 2011 Shannen Coffin

The Lowe's Boycott

Jonah’s post this morning was the first I had ever heard of the TLC show All American Muslim, so I have nothing to say about the show or its content. But a story on Politico this morning caught my attention. A Democratic legislator in California has announced a personal boycott of Lowe’s home-improvement stores in his district because, according to the story, Lowe’s has pulled advertising from the TLC after complaints about the show from a group called the Florida Family Association. The lawmaker decried the “bigotry” involved in the store’s decision to pull advertising.


That California lawmaker is Ted Lieu, who is a former law-school classmate of mine and someone I have long considered a friend. =[sic.] Ted is an honorable guy who served [sic.] his country as an Air Force JAG officer. He’s also a very smart and capable guy, having served as president of Georgetown’s main law review. But Ted is grandstanding just a tad here.

Coffin was an attorney on Dick Cheney's staff and the arch typical beltway denizen, having abandoned residence in a State for the District of Columbia and a revolving door career in government and lobbying, now working for the insider and traditionally Demoncrat white shoe law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe....I mean Steptoe and Johnson, LLP. Sort of the Newt of Republicrats, feeding off the beast, part of the problem rather than the solution.

Why any nominal conservative and Republican would be associated with Lieu for any reason is beyond belief. Lieu was the token Asian on the big lie report about the alleged scandal at the Rampart Division of the LAPDogs. The Rampart report was a lie from start to finish. In fact, the Rampart scandal revolved around one corrupt affirmative-action Hispanic officer, Rafael Perez, who lied about innocent officers in the CRASH unit in order to obtain a lighter sentence for his theft of drugs from an evidence locker. And Coffin's good friend Lieu participated in the cover-up of the lies from Perez. Yet Lieu is still Coffin's friend.

Such lies against white police officers was not enough for Coffin to see the truth. He tells us Lieu was a Judge Advocate General officer. Coffin seems to forget about Benedict Arnold and Nidal Hasan, who also were officers, and so was the nut job Erik Scott. Coffin even excuses Lieu's treason to the Constitution and his attempt to criminalize not supporting radical Islam and the propaganda to white-wash it.

Make it clear, Ted Lieu wants to punish people in the United States for not supporting radical Islam. He wants to fine or jail those who do not kowtow to Islam. And I do mean kowtow. Kowtowing to the Imperial Person of the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom was a symbol of the submission of inferiors to the superior. It was demanded of tributaries. It is quite similar to the manner of prayer of that Muslims practice to the mood-god Al-Ilah who's black stone lies in the Kabba at Mecca. An Satanic alliance of the Chinese and Islam against America. Rightly American diplomats refused to kowtow to either the Emperor or officials inferior to him. And in days of yore, American diplomats refused to submit to Sharia, its adherents, or their dictatorship. But not anymore.

Coffin sets a different example, toadying, kowtowing, submitting, to his Demoncrat friends who are destroying the nation and themselves bowing to Saudi royalty, the Japanese Emperor, and even the President of Red China.

Which is no surprise, as Lieu, though born in Taiwan, has abandoned the honor of Chiang Kia-shek for the typical subservience of the mainland born, attacking freedom and perpetuating lies at every opportunity. And that is a man that Coffin calls a friend. An enemy of the Constitution and the freedoms that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us. A Republic if you can keep it, but not if it interferes with Republicrat friendships. Such fighting words are not for beltway shysters.

But it is no surprise that an immigrant from China (There is but one China and Taiwan is a province thereof, but it is the Republic of China.) is an enemy of the Constitution. Lieu is much like Goodwin Liu, another immigrant from the Chinese province of Taiwan, another rabid racist law school graduate and Demoncrat (they always go together) who hates America's freedoms. Liu also opposes free speech and supports discrimination against white Americans.

And don't forget another Demoncrat, Wen Ho Lee, another immigrant from the Chinese province of Taiwan. A traitor through and through. An agent of Red China. An enemy of America.

Immigrants all. Enemies of American freedom all. Vile traitors. And what attorney remains at the Bar when he commits such a blatant violation of his oath to the Constitution as an attorney, a commissioned officer of our Armed Forces, and as State Legislator? Clearly much professional courtesy from Coffin, much like sharks. His many oaths clearly mean nothing, but NRO again apologizes and tut-tuts about this assault on the Constitution. And no mention by Coffin that this traitor is an immigrant. Part of the NRO embargo on criticism of minorities and immigrants.

"...grandstanding just a tad here." That is the most Coffin will say about his friend and fellow shyster. Professional courtesy. I guess VDH has not taken hold there yet.


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