Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
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We are a little behind here, the Catholic League issued a press release saying CHRISTMAS CENSORS ALREADY AT WORK at the beginning of last month.

Only 21 more censoring days until Christmas! More from the Catholic League here and here.

The blog Tonguetied has a whole category on Christmas censorship.

Also from Tonguetied:last month, the Provincetown board of selectmen voted to remove a Max Bohm painting of the Pilgrims signing the Mayflower Compact. The reason? There were no women in the picture, and the one Indian in the picture didn't look like he had a vote. The Boston Globe thought that was too PC.

It's all part of the same picture: a Cultural Revolution against the American nation.

Remember this? When Peter Brimelow started just befor Christmas, 1999, he wrote this.

However, you can sometimes see them naively reported in the local press. Thus Long Island’s Southampton Press (Donna Giacontieri, Is Town Seal Offensive? September 24, 1999) has carried a story about a local version of the Virginia Dare phenomenon: the local "Anti-Bias Task Force" called on the town to abolish its seal, which depicts a Pilgrim and the words "First English settlement in the State of New York."

The grounds: it "features an offensive representation of one gender, one race and one historical period . . ."

"One historical period . . ."?

Yeah. It’s called America.

Merry Christmas! While it lasts.

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